Give your group a great experience.

We help make that happen.
We work with people who work with groups – students, teams, artists, leaders, professionals – to provide the context and support for a profound experience. We are people-loving, hospitality-giving, big-picture-thinking natives of Central Montana, who want to give the gift of this place to people who can learn and grow through the experience of being here.

We offer…

Soul-stirring settings, from epic to intimate
We’d love to help you get your group immersed in this land. We know the great sunset spots, the old farmsteads, the good swimming holes, camping spots, geographic wonders, fishing streams and hundred-mile views. Places to study, sketch, photograph, play, explore or just sit.

Access to Montana people and their work
We can arrange ways for your group to participate in the life and work of Montana’s vast and historic rhythm of cattle and wheat. It’s one thing to see it from a distance. It’s quite another to meet the people, put your hands in the work, and become part of the texture and fabric of this life.

Hospitality and comfort
We provide a warm welcome, clean and comfortable rooms, and food prepared with love and craft.

Coordination and logistics for great experiences
We understand that the work of planning and guiding a group is full of details and careful preparations. We would like to be your partners in planning and preparation, taking logistical concerns on our shoulders so you are free to concentrate on your people and your content.

Space to reflect: carry the experience home
In this frontier setting, people often begin to reflect on their own frontiers. Northstar can offer lightly-facilitated, agenda-free ways for people to consider some of the key “frontier questions” that face us all. How does one discover and put to use the inner personal resources required to face the unknown? How can our solitary contemplation of nature facilitate this process of discovery? Where do other people fit into that process? How is it that I learn, work, and play with others in a way that strengthens us to face the unknown?

Our story

Northstar founder Ross Rettig tells a story about Montana and our intention for our guests.